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To remove the existing cladding, deck balustrades, joinery and roofing.  External Planter Boxes will be removed and replaced with new joinery and a reframed floating composite deck which will create a larger space while forming a more robust façade.

From the outset, Timber remediation is expected to extend well into the building due to a combination of structural and weathertightness deficiencies. Some roof extensions over the top level decks will be required to create sufficient overhang for weathertight design. Symonite feature panels mixed with a combination of horizontal and vertical aluminium cladding.


This programme was split into 3 Stages. Once the cladding was removed, many structural defencies were found as well as the expected weathertightness failures. Stage 1 has 100% replacement to external walls and two thirds of the midfloors require strengthening due to the overspan of structural members.

This has resulted in entire ceilings being removed from most units and an addition of new linings to all exterior walls. Demolition has uncovered several passive fire defects which will be amended upon reinstatement of services. The amount of consequential work has been excessive (temporary removal of kitchens, bathrooms etc.). A lot of the units will be required to be fully repainted and some units will be virtually new.


Council have agreed to minor variations on structural issues to keep the project rolling. Passive fire will also be covered under a minor variation as long as criteria is met. Construction duration has increased due to the expanded scope of works. The design and engineering teams have worked with Form to get detailing and compliance issues ironed out quickly to provide a smoother transition into Stages 2 and 3. Due to the amount of unexpected structural issues, Form overlapped all stages to minimise disruption.

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Kim Thompson

“Form’s professional focus on health and safety provided a great level of comfort and certainty to our project team, board members and insurers. The performance to date for the company is commendable and shows great management and governance”

Kim Thompson, Project Manager, Whakatōhea Mussels

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