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September 2016 – April 2018


To construct three new coolstores, extend the existing bin store canopy and provide new paved through roads for onsite transport routes.


The build took place over two stages, beginning with the construction of three new coolstores, a canopy extension and extensive paving. The second stage saw the construction of two new coolstores over 1500m2, and canopy structures of 1200m2, for kiwi fruit export storage and load out.

The second stage structure was connected to the existing fruit curing canopy and interconnected with a new forklift access canopy for all weather operations. Intelligent structural design resulted in efficient cooling and air movement.

The expansion of the concrete through road and a battery charge facility outside of this new structure has complemented this season’s build.

The introduction of a fire protection sprinkler system to the existing canopy, new coolstores and canopy and the pre pipe of one of the existing grader rooms has set Opac up for leading the kiwifruit industry in protecting their assets. A 1.1m litre water tank services this new system.


The build has future proofed Opac’s expansion and the client continues to work with Form on additional construction projects.

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Bob Rodgers, General Manager, Chempro

“We were impressed with how Form managed the project…Form have a strong commitment to health and safety which was immediately evident…During the entire project all Form staff were professional, easy to work with and always prepared to take the time to discuss how the project was proceeding”

Bob Rodgers, General Manager, Chempro

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