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The client wished to carry out remedial cladding works to the Administration and Finance hub of the school, whilst maintaining continued uninterrupted operations to the area the school throughout the construction process.


The build involved removing the existing cladding and roof, replacing water damaged timber framing due to the leaking exterior cladding, removing and resetting window reveals and construction of a new roof.

Key health and safety issues, such as the control of material deliveries to avoid conflict with students, needed to be addressed with all the suppliers.


Form developed a staged methodology to ensure that the construction works for this remedial project had the least impact on the continued operations of the school within the building. The continual site presence of an experienced Site Manager was key to delivering this keystone project and to the relationships with project stakeholders.

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Leon Da-Silva

“It is an unusual situation for a client to work alongside a contractor, however, our team have managed to cohesively progress through all of the usual project challenges. By engaging Form during the pre-construction stage we have been able to minimise project issues and tap into each other’s experience. Form were most helpful throughout the design phase and have carried that through to the day-to-day activities”

Leon Da-Silva, Managing Director, Da-Silva Builders

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