At Form our process is transparent and aimed at maximising the success of your project.  Being involved early in the project is critical to this success.   Form has worked across a wide variety of projects, procured in a number of different ways.   Form are happy to meet and discuss the best procurement option for your project. 


  1. Traditional Tendering Methods
    • Lump Sum Tendering
  2. Design and Build Methods are the most common
    procurement methods Form has been involved in.
    • Design and Build
    • Novated Design and Build
    • Design and Management combined
  3. Management Contracting Methods
    • P&G and Margin
    • Construction Management
    • Measure and Value
    • Open Book Cost Plus

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Tender versus Negotiation

There is a common misconception in the industry that tendering is of better value, providing more clarity on price and risk apportioning.  Lump sum tender prices are never set in stone and are a best guess with provisional sums giving you uncertainty as to the final cost with variations and administration costs attracting additional processing fees. 

Usually a rushed process, the lump sum tender often overlooks important details and weather tightness solutions are almost always overlooked.  With years of experience in the industry Form has the knowledge and expertise to provide clients with cost and risk certainty through negotiated procurement where the management costs are fixed and direct works are cost reimbursable.


Form prefer to work on a negotiation basis with clients as opposed to tender.  Negotiation provides certainty and ensures there are no hidden surprises in preliminary and general costs, with management costs and margins fixed up front.

Through Form’s experience we understand it’s not possible to predict final costs but we can guarantee a fair and reasonable estimate of costs and timeframe before you commence your project.  On cost reimbursable arrangements you get access to the best staff and subcontractors, direct consultation with industry professionals and first hand advice on weather tightness solutions and products.

Form manage everything leaving you to focus on your building.  We focus on the project and less on variations, variation price requests and other entitlements of a contractual nature, and we have direct control of sequencing of activities based on our build ability experience.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

With Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Form can add value with a thorough analysis of project feasibility, identifying risk areas to be covered in the project scope.  Form's aim is to maximise your return on investment whether it be focused on market value or rental returns. 

With GMP the responsibility falls with Form to stay within costs.  With full transparency we analyse the project for potential risks.  This method is ideal for design and build turnkey projects, especially where Form delivers the feasibility study through to completion and handover.

“Partnership over separation is how we achieve our reputation of being innovative, hassle free and of having people who really are our difference. We also happen to be great builders”.

Partnership over separation is how we achieve our reputation of being innovative, hassle free and of having people who really are our difference. We also happen to be great builders.


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