About Form

Form's history

Form Building and Developments Limited is the result of a successful merger between Moyle Construction and Eaton Developments on 2 October 2007, which combines over 65 years of project experience. Since inception, Form has gone from strength to strength and with a team of over 140 people throughout the Waikato, Auckland and Bay of Plenty regions.

Form’s aims

Form aims to be one of New Zealand’s best construction companies, delivering to a standard consistently exceeding client expectations - to the highest quality, value for money and return on investment.

Form have created a unique culture based on experience and partnering with their clients and business partners for the greater success of all involved, which in turn attracts like-minded people and businesses. Our uniqueness comes from a prime objective of making your project-journey free of stress and even enjoyable. While we see our clients as a key part of the Form team during a project, we take care of the trivialities and the difficulties, leaving clients to positively contribute to their project in their own way.

Form has a unique ability to apply experience and capability to resolve building challenges to achieve successful project outcomes, on budget and on time.  Standing by our performance, Form are specialists in exposing risk and providing systems and expertise in reducing them. 

With Form you have peace of mind that through our strong project framework your investment is never at risk. From feasibility to completion – Form look after you and the warranty is with Form, not with the project contractors or suppliers.  With a positive health and safety record, quality management processes and peer reviews, Form are continually formulating benchmarks to drive continuous improvement.

The Form culture

While construction and building is what we do, we believe Form’s success is driven by its people.  Outstanding communication, genuineness and professionalism are just some of the values entrenched in Form’s culture.

At Form, we select staff, contractors and sub-contractors using a rigorous process to ensure as a team, Form can positively contribute to successful outcomes for construction projects, clients and associated business partners.

Form’s sub-contractors are vetted and qualified through our in-house pre-qualification process to ensure their capabilities and standards are in line with Form’s culture.  


Keys to success

We believe success is the definition of the following nine attributes. We believe success is no accident, it is hard work, study, perseverance and above all, love of what we do.

  • Integrity
    Our values set our behaviour
  • Loyalty
    We speak kindly, with purpose, with intent and we are honest
  • Impulse
    We make the most of the moment
  • Commitment
    We make it happen
  • Balance
    Our employees live a life
  • Flexibility
    We are prepared to do things differently to suit the individuality of our clients
  • Ownership
    Our employees have authority. We take responsibility for our actions
  • Improvement
    We always seek to continually improve
  • Motivation
    We love what we do

We promote a teamwork philosophy with our client and business relationships through initiative and our ability to be collaborative and relationship friendly.


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